Sunday, September 23, 2012

Real Life Attachment Parenting: Proposition 37 - Right to know - label GMOs - Vote...

Real Life Attachment Parenting: Proposition 37 - Right to know - label GMOs - Vote...:

California residents have the ability to help the public know their foods. Proposition 37 would require that GMOs be labeled. It doesn't BAN GMOs, it merely allows for people to know what they're eating.

Please, if you live in California, know someone from California, have heard of California, share this information. There's an icon above - tweet, facebook share, BLOG it...

If you don't care about GMOs, you can still vote yes, because it won't change anything except allow those who are concerned to know.

If, say, Monsanto were so proud of their products, why wouldn't they want to label them? Hmm....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Un Junked junk food - can it be done?

Oh yes it can! This post is a review of free candy that I received from UnReal candy that really is as junked as candy can get. What's great is they plan to go head to head with the big candy and not just be in specialty shops. I know you can find them at places like CVS NOW, so run out and get them... if you need more convincing, read on!

This blog focuses on recipes, yes, but sometimes life just doesn't make it the most practical to make home made candy that's unjunked... especially when unjunked can come so well... awesomely!

UnJunked is from Unreal and they CUT sugar (as in they also do not use HFCS), they increase fiber, and protein and often cut calories in the process. They also don't use GMOs, artificial colors or preservatives, making their products TWO THUMBS UP from me. And for my husband's input... they do not have hydrogenated oils either!

I received these while visiting family where health food definitely is not all the craze. My 14 year old "I don't eat vegetables" cousin tried them and other than the fact that he hadn't ever had dark chocolate before, he actually enjoyed the chocolate.

My favorite was Chocolate Candy Shell Peanuts, followed closely by the Chocolate Covered Peanut Nugget.

Oh and they also use sustainable processes and they all taste pretty darn good.