Monday, March 19, 2012

Mac-N-Cheese - hidden vegetables

At some point most parents either try or need to add in veggies into "ol' faves" - my son LOVES noodles. To help ensure he's getting veggies in his diet, adding in veggies when he doesn't even know it helps.

Can you spot the veggies?

Annie's Homegrown comes in a variety of options. Cook your chosen macaroni and cheese per the box.

Blend your vegetables of choice. I chose 1 yellow/orange bell pepper and two yellow squash.

 That took all of 25 seconds, no added water.

Add into your noodles, along with the cheese packet.

Add butter and milk (if desired, the veggies make some good liquid too!)


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  1. I blend veggies in to everything as well, or at least chop really little so they cant be removed/avoided. Works great!


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