Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome to Lent - Fish Fry Time

For many Catholics around the world, Lent arrives and it is time for Friday Fish Fry - I'm not a huge fan of fish, but it is tradition and one that my almost 4 year old will be exposed to this year. Our local Church has Fish Fry, but I'd like to try a few at home. My husband is great at preparing fish, but for this week, I'm looking up my options!

I'm thinking one of these Fridays, I can try Tempura style.

I don't have a Deep Fryer so it may just be baked or pan seared fish... and not necessarily fried. I think that qualifies, right?

So what is it about Friday Fish Fry for Catholics? During Lent, Catholics choose to abstain from an item of their choice, as well as fasting on Fridays. Meat is forbidden as well on Fridays during Lent... Since Fish is not considered meat, Fish is made available. I grew up in Michigan, my hometown is on the shore of Lake Superior, so it was very common for Fish Fry Fridays to be seen around town, since a good portion of the community is Catholic. After leaving the mid-west, I found that Fish Fry is not as common... I had no idea!

I do wonder if this Kindle book has some recipes:

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