Thursday, February 23, 2012

A healthier pizza

Home-made pizza is perfect - customizable and transfat free. Plus kids (at least mine!) love picking out the toppings. Tomorrow I'll be heading out with friends, and kids and nana (my mom) will likely be making some home-made pizza.

Mushroom, green bell peppers atop tomato sauce... artichoke hearts... YUM!

Try pureeing nutritionally dense vegetables into the tomato sauce to up the vitamin intake... especially great for kids!

Which vegetables would I recommend?
- kale (vitamins K, A and C and full of anti-oxidants)
- turmeric (comes in a powder, but great for manganese, iron and anti-inflammatory needs.. also may prevent cancer !)
-  Broccoli  (vitamins C, K and great source of vitamin D and folate!)

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