Saturday, January 28, 2012

What was in your bountiful basket this week? Meal planning for 5

Organic basket - 1/28/2012 - cat not included
This week we picked up our Bountiful basket and added on one of their "tropical packs." I also have some fresh veggies left over from last week's Market on the Move. We have a few other items in our refrigerator (blueberries, carrots...) but my goal is to use up as much of the below items this week through meal planning.

Lettuce (BB)
Lettuce (BB)
Lettuce (BB)
Eggplant  (MOM)
Eggplant (MOM)
Eggplant (MOM)
Eggplant (MOM)
Eggplant (BB)
Zucchini (BB)
Zucchini (BB)
Cauliflower (BB)
Oranges (BB)
Tomatoes (4) (BB)
Red pepper (2) (BB)
Tomatoes (4) (MOM)
Avocado (2)
Pineapple (BB)
Bananas (5) (BB)
Asian Pears (3)
Minneola (5)
We also picked up a tropical pack:
Ripe Pineaple
5 kiwi
2 vanilla beans
5 lemons
1 banana
2 mango
1 coconut (and my son is going crazy about opening it already!)

So what would you make this week? Check back later for our meal plan!

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