Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quick and easy Vegetarian UnChili

As mentioned in prior posts, due to BPA we try to limit our use of canned goods, but sometimes a deal is a deal and I know I'll need to make something quick. As was this meal...

All I used for the dish is shown,except the invisible/hiding garlic.

In a medium pot (heavy bottom works well), add a teaspoon of cooking oil
Add crushed garlic and sliced onion. Stir well.
When onion is translucent, add in chili powder and turmeric (if you have it, if you don't, you can pass, but go buy some!) (1/4 to 1/2 is generally good)
Add in diced sweet potato (2)
Add in corn (1/2-1 cup)
Stir well
De-vine the greens (any of your choice) - rinse and chop thoroughly (alternatively you can puree them or process them to your liking in a food mill/grinder/chopper/blender, etc)
Add in your canned beans of choice, stir well.
Bring to a boil.
Add your mock meat. Stir well
Once the frozen mock meat is back to a simmer, your food is ready to serve!

Some may choose to add more salt, but I don't... Hypertension and high blood pressure risks just aren't worth it here!

Kid size portion of veg chili served with whole wheat pita.

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