Sunday, January 15, 2012

Preparing vegetables for use - Soaking

All vegetables and fruits that aren't "peeled" need to be washed before use. Some may have waxes, others have residue that need to be removed, and the risk of food borne illness is there, especially with non-local uncooked food. For leafy greens, a good water soak with grape seed extract or a fruit wash is beneficial.

Fill your (clean) sink or large stock pot with warm water and a drop of produce wash. We love Biokleen Produce Wash
here - it may cost a few dollars more than expected but the bottle does last a long time.

Swish the vegetables around in the water a few times and allow dirt to fall to the bottom of the pan/sink.

You can see the dirt has fallen to the bottom in this spinach soak.

I usually de-vein, etc while in the water, then rinse as I pull them out of the water, then chop or otherwise prepare. It works quite well and I feel much better about the vegetables.

Happy eating!

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