Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ginger Chai

Chai is a staple of an Indian household. The first time I heard of having milk in tea was from my uncle's wife (non-Indian). I totally did not understand it. Years later my husband was doing the same.. PLUS sugar, and sometimes spices! Wow! I had no idea tea could be flavored like coffee. Oh the life of a small-town girl!

Any or all of these extra items are optional, but a good Indian tea varies based on "locale" and also by family. My favorite basic chai includes:

slice of ginger, minced
sugar (1 teaspoon)
black pepper corn (1)
Clove (2-3)
cardamom (3)



This is for two cups of tea. Fill up two cups of water (using the cups you'll be using to drink from works well) and put in a sauce pan.

Add in sugar, you can always add more! Don't make it "extra special" if you don't like it that way!

In a grinder or by hand, grind your spices.

Add to the water that may be boiling. Be sure to allow the spices to rapidly boil for at least 30 seconds.

Add in two- three tablespoons of black tea.

Turn off the flame and add 1/4 cup milk. If you've boiled too long because you walked away, add some extra milk... and you have "milky chai" - Using a strainer, pour directly into your cup and enjoy!

Oh and like coffee, the brand of tea probably matters.

If you need quick, try boiling water (even in the microwave) add sugar and use two "dip" instant tea bags. Steap, add milk and enjoy! Try this Organic one!

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