Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Easy home popcorn

Over the past years there has been some discussion over carcinogens in microwave popcorn, due to diacetyl fumes which are emitted when cooked. However, that doesn't mean your family can't enjoy popcorn at home!

Popped corn in a pan is easy and fun! Plus you can customize it to your taste!

Start with a heavy pan, add oil. I used 2 tbsp of coconut oil. If it is melted then turn on the heat to medium and add your Organic Yellow Popcorn. 1/3 cup is good for a small family serving.

Add in organic popping corn of your choice (organic helps prevent unknowingly consuming GMO corn). Shake the pan gently back and forth so all the kernals have some oil on them.

Cover. Do not allow kernals to burn - keep gently shaking the pan.

Allow some steam to escape by gently opening the pan, slightly on one side.

Continue to shake every 15 or so seconds...

In around 3 minutes you'll have a pan full of popcorn! Healthy and as tasty as you'd like it!

Possible ways to season:
- regular ol' seasalt and butter
- Chili Powder and seasalt
- cinnamon and Natural Cane Sugar
- melted peanut butter
- melted cheese and of course,


Enjoy home-popped popcorn!

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