Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Upcycling! Gourd and lentil soup becomes sambar

Tuesday is my wonderful husband's night to cook. His only constraint was that I required him to use up the eggplant from this past weekend's Bountiful Basket offering. Knowing we had leftover lentils, he used the soup that I had made Sunday, added additional water, the cut eggplant, some spices and wallah (pun intended for those with an Indian leaning), dinner was served (with idli). Plus, I was able to quickly use cookie cutters and make our daughter's lunch for tomorrow!

Idli was from a packet - be sure to watch because some do contain hydrogenated oils!

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Really all my hsuband did was add the vegetables (you can add your favorites, carrots, drumsticks (the plant, not from an animal), zucchini, etc do well) and packaged "sambar" spice! Allow to boil and ensure the vegetables are cooked and there you have a quick and healthy meal, upcycled from Sunday! YAY for leftovers NOT ending up in the trash.

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